Chronic Brevity is all about my life with chronic illness. It began as a blog all about Scleroderma (the first auto-immune disease I was diagnosed with), but as the docs tacked on more diseases the blog evolved as well.

I was diagnosed with Scleroderma in 2007.(From the Latin: Sclero meaning hard, derma meaning skin= hard skin) A chronic, auto-immune disease that affects, well, pretty much everything. I live with chronic pain in my joints and muscles, I am usually extremely fatigued, I suffer from heart burn, digestion problems, lung issues and skin tightening. There is no definitive cause or cure for Scleroderma. It affects every patient differently and there are a number of treatment options available that allow me to "manage" the symptoms of the disease, but there is no cure. I was later diagnosed with another auto-immune disease, Lupus (SLE) in 2012. Lupus has managed to attack my heart, lungs, joints, kidneys and skin. Again, I take meds to manage the pain and suppress the progression of the disease, but there is no cure. It has not been an easy few years.

However, my blog is not a pity party. I started the blog in order to raise awareness about these horrific diseases. I hope that by sharing my stories, experiences, and day to day trials, tribulations and triumphs I will be able to educate more people about what these diseases are and how they can drastically change a life. 

With all that said, and in an effort to always be "brief" (hence the blog title) I can only hope, that some who used to know nothing, will now learn a little each day, and be better off because of it.