Show Me the Money!

The most anti-climatic (quite literally) relationship I have ever had is the one I have with money. We all treat and view money in different ways. The way I see it, it's either there or it isn't. If it's there then I take care of necessities(food, house, car, medicine), spend a bit on clothes, and save the rest for travel or big purchases. That's it. No secret mathematical equation that makes me happy or keeps me worried. When you grow up hearing the phrase "no hay dinero para eso,"(we don't have money for that) you end up spending your adulthood living by it. I don't exactly budget,  but I don't overspend. If I have the money saved to take an expensive vacation, I do it and spare no expense. If all I have enough for is food and rent, then I keep my ass at home eating cereal, rice and beans until I have more to do more. That simple. (My husband's relationship with money is a bit different, so we have had to learn compromise) 




IF I hit the jackpot tomorrow...what would I do??? Well, I know what money can do to people, how it changes people, so I'd actually not want to physically see the money. So, here's an impromptu poem on what I would do if I hit the jackpot (cause I choose to be frugal with my words)

Don't show me the money

Cause I want to give it away

I want my mom to have a new house

And pay for my sister to open up a store

to sell her designs

Don't show me the money

Cause I want to give it away

To the school in the DR

Named after my grandfather

so kids can have books, and supplies

running water and uniforms

Don't show me the money

Cause I want to invest it


so i'll have more later

Don't show me the money

Cause I want to give it

to my cousin

the one who can't afford

the bus ticket to go to


because she needs it more 

than I do

Don't show me the money

Cause I'll spend it on a house

I won't have the energy to clean

And on a nanny who's mean

Don't show me the money

Because at the end of the day,

I'd give it all away

to help find a cure