Clap Along If You Feel....

What is success? What is love? (Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me..) What is happiness? What does it mean to be free? 

After a long day of doctor's visits, blood draws, medication side effects, bad weather and my car being broken into...I am at a loss for words. Right now, success means getting a good night's sleep. Love means being held by my hubby as I cry into his shoulder. Happiness is a bar of chocolate and a glass of wine. Freedom is the ability to do all or none of those things as I so choose. (Yea, it's been one of THOSE days)

But, as I know these feelings are only temporary, and I am STILL at a loss to describe what these words to me at the "core" level, I will tell this story through pictures:


Doing what I love and being recognized for it. (Book published, performing poetry, hosting writing workshops)


Being with my husband. Being with family. Being with my dog. Watching my hubby sleep uncomfortably as he takes care of me in the hospital. Seeing the people I love, love each other.


Doing things I love, like baking, crafts, eating, and reading.


The ability to change my destiny at any given moment. The ability to think and act for myself. The ability to tell my story.