Nothing Is As It Seems

When it comes to watching films, I am the person you hate to have nearby. I am the indie loving, in your head, what was that movie about anyway kind of gal. The more it makes you think, the more I like it. Sure, I love a good chick flick, all black cast comedy or thriller now and again, but when it comes to movies I love and could watch over and over the dystopian, alternate reality, dream sequence type movies are my FAVORITE!

To name but a few: (And most people hate these movies)

1. Memento

2. V for Vendetta

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

4. Vanilla Sky

5. Inception

Perhaps it's because I'm a dreamer and believe our dreams hold the secret to understanding ourselves better. Perhaps it's because I'm a conspiracy theorists and really do believe that Big Brother is always watching. (ahem..NSA..ahem) Perhaps it is because the cinematography of these movies is amazing. Or perhaps because I just like being told a good, clever and new story. Whatever the reason, I prefer non-linear plot lines with surprise endings and feeling like I learned something in the process. (#nerdgasm)

These types of movies get into our subconscious and make us think...what if?

What if you suffered amnesia and couldn't remember all the horrible things you did?

What if you had to become a traitor to your country in order to save it?

What if you could erase those parts of your memory that only made you sad?

What if you could live forever?

What if our dreams were our reality?

They are psychological mind Fu**s...and that's why I love them. The types of films you have to watch 3 or 4 times to understand and get every detail. The kind of movie you want to research after the film is done. It's all because I love to learn, I love to challenge my brain and I love stories that are non-traditional. If I were a film maker, these are the types of movies I would make.

A few short clips from some of my favorite scenes: (Oh, I'm also a sucker for amazing dialogue and good writing- that's the writer in me)

Sad or confused yet...???