Bullet Wound

I am known for blowing things out of proportion. I overreact at the drop of a hat. I believe things are worse than what they are until I've had time to process it. I eventually come to my senses and realize that it's not as bad as it seems, but I usually have that one FML moment. It's all about perception. 

Because of my ability (for many years, and even sometimes still today) to make a mountain out of a molehill, Lupe's nickname for me became "Bullet Wound." Any time I am clearly overreacting about a situation, life event, experience, or physical or emotional trauma, Lupe grabs his arm and yells: BULLET WOUND! 

His rationale behind the name is that I react to everything out of the norm as if I had just been shot. 

Me: "No one turned in their homework today!"


Me: "They all failed the test. I MUST be a horrible teacher. I guess I should find a new career."


Me: "I have a rash. I think it's skin cancer. My meds say a side effect is skin cancer.."


Me: "Someone broke into my car. We need to move NOW!"


Me: I had a dream you cheated on me. That's my subconscious telling me...


You get the idea....Up until my diagnoses I lived a fairly normal and unchallenging life. My major dramas revolved around boys, grades, and the occasional flat tire. As an adult, life has challenged me greatly, but along with it my hubs has allowed me to put it all in perspective, after all: 

The sweet ain’t as sweet without the sour
— Vanilla Sky

What's great about this nickname is that every time he says it, it makes me laugh and I immediately realize how irrational I'm being and no matter how many ways from Sunday I try to excuse my behavior, I know he's right. When it comes to "Bullet Wound", Lupe, is...always right.