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COG Poetry Prize

I was recently awarded the $1000 COG Poetry Prize by Cogswell College for my poems, "Run, Irelia, Run," "Bounty," & "Return to Water." Read them here and learn what Major Jackson (the judge) had to say about my work!

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Voyage Houston

Learn more about how I got my start with writing and Tintero Projects in this thorough interview with Voyage Houston. I talk about my struggles with chronic illness, what it's like to be a writer in Houston, and how Tintero Projects is helping emerging and established writers of color. 


Queen Mob's Teahouse

I was granted the privilege of guest editing an Afro-Latinx poetry issue for Queen Mob's Teahouse. It was one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences of my writing career to date. Check out my Letter from the Editor and all the amazing poems in this first of its kind issue!