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List Of Latino Poets You Should Know For National Poetry Month

I'm on a list! For April's National Poetry Month, Mitú curated a list of Latino Poets to read and be on the look out for. I'm one of those poets! On the site you'll see a recording of my poem "A Foundation Lost in Translation" from AWP 2018, Tampa, FL. 




"Inking Well: An Interview with Jasminne Mendez" Check out this very fun interview I did with Daniel Pena over at PloughShares! He asks me about chronic illness, social media, this writer's life, who I'm reading and who I'm influenced by. 


COG Poetry Prize

I was recently awarded the $1000 COG Poetry Prize by Cogswell College for my poems, "Run, Irelia, Run," "Bounty," & "Return to Water." Read them here and learn what Major Jackson (the judge) had to say about my work!

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Voyage Houston 

Learn more about how I got my start with writing and Tintero Projects in this thorough interview with Voyage Houston. I talk about my struggles with chronic illness, what it's like to be a writer in Houston, and how Tintero Projects is helping emerging and established writers of color.