Border of Lights : Border of Lights is a collective coming together to commemorate, collaborate and continue the legacy of hope and justice. It is dedicated to remembering the Haitian Massacre of 1937 and continuing the dialogue to improve Dominican-Haitian relations. 


The following poems are dedicated to this project– stay tuned for more! 

Small Talk After A Reading in Texas: A Haitian Massacre - Acentos Review, November 2017

Morir Soñando - First published in Label Me Latino/a

Run Irelia Run - Cogzine

“Like a parrot imitating spring, 
we lie down screaming as rain punches through   
and we come up green”-Rita Dove   

I had a dream once:
My machete hands slice open
calcified white green caña.

I milk my tongue into a glass
of homemade morir soñando.
Watch it roll into “r’s” colorado, singing: perejil, perejil.

Lash my sun kissed lips with sugar
to sweeten this cafe con leche skin.
Paint my pupil with the pulp of a banilejo mango
and bathe in seawater sweat singing: perejil, perejil

Cave into the earth that surrounds me.
Fill my flesh with fango. Swallow
the sounds of the island and bloom
from the bones buried beneath. Wake up
wounded. Wake up singing: perejil, perejil.

Cutting cane for the general:

Stalks of severed limbs lay bare.
Sea foam spills from salt.

Machetes hack at wounded flesh.
Fill breath to the brim with sorrow.
Bathe the earth in sangre-

Set the field on fire.
Fire to harvest the cane.
Fire to flower the flamboyán
Fire the scent of parsley.
Fire the sound of blade
hitting bone hitting body–
Fire ‘till it swallowed me
crimson-Fire ‘till I die
while dreaming.