Poetry, Prose &  Other Publications

Here you will find a collection of my poetry, prose, and special issues I have guest edited.  Enjoy!



Again & Skin to Skin - Raising Mothers

COG Poetry Prize Winning Poems- Cogswell College

Abecedarian for My Bilingual Students in Houston- Bird's Thumb

First Born Son - Crab Creek Review

Fathers & Sons, Morir Sonando - Lable Me Latino/a: Special Issue on Afro Latino Writers

Three Poems - The Acentos Review

Frijochuelas- La Galeria Magazine

When Was the Last Time You Saw A Black Boy SmileThe Outrage Project: Rosebud Ben-Oni

Creative Non-Fiction & Essays

Motherhood, Maps & “More”- Queen Mob’s Teahouse

The Burden of Teachable Moments - The Rumpus

Shades of RedDangerous Woman Project, University of Edinburgh

First Words: English as a Second Language - La Galeria Magazine

From Page to Stage: Teaching Slam Poetry in the High School Classroom - HowlRound

Image from  The Rumpus  by Leesa Travis

Image from The Rumpus by Leesa Travis